Middle Earth Child Development Center in Norman

Grading Dirt delivered to finish up the Middle Earth CDC project.

What an amazing facility in Norman Oklahoma! This state of the art facility is top notch, the best of everything. If you have children in the Norman area you should really check this 3 million dollar facility out, its HUGE! And Awesome! Metro Materials was lucky enough to provide the soil for the landscape and they gave us a tour. Its unlike any other child development center we have ever seen. At first glance you cant hep but notice its size, but once inside the building you will be blown away. I had to ask, “is this a CDC or a charter school?” Its amazing.

Thank you Middle Earth CDC for allowing Metro Materials to be your Soil & Playground Mulch provider.

Now that the landscape and construction is finished up its on to the fun stuff, the Playground! In addition to Topsoil, Decorative Stone & Gravel Metro Materials also provides a full range of Premium hardwood Mulches. Our IPEMA Certified Playground Mulch is DHS Certified and an affordable solution for Day cares, Child Development Centers and Schools in need of an impact absorbent fall material for under playground equipment. Visit our website 243dirt.com for pictures, pricing and delivery information on all our materials. We service the south metro OKC area, including OKC, Moore, Norman, Mid West City, Del City, Blanchard, Newcastle, Noble, Little Axe.

Call Metro Materials at 405-343-0258 to schedule a delivery, OR Order ONLINE!

Thats right, you can order Top Soil, Grading Dirt, Playground Sand, Volleyball Sand, Driveway Gravel, Decorative Stone, and Mulch right from your phone or laptop 24 hours a day! If you have questions give us a call Monday – Friday 8am to 5pm.

Soil in Norman Oklahoma

Metro materials is a provider of Soil, Sand, Gravel, Stone & Mulch in the OKC Metro Area


405.243.DIRT / Playground Mulch in OKC

Our Premium Hardwood Mulch is ASTM & IPEMA Certified as an Impact Resistant DHS approved Playground Surfacing Material .

Metro Materials provides this playzone mulch to child care centers, schools & churches throughout central Oklahoma, from Norman to Tulsa. For more information on this product or to schedule a delivery call 405-243-DIRT (3478) or Order ONLINE.

Delivery area for Playground Fall Zone Material includes Norman, Edmond, Moore, OKC, & Midwest City.

Check our Delivery map page for accurate pricing of Playground Mulch to your address.

Playground Mulch requirements in Oklahoma

Impact Resistant Playground Mulch for Child Care Centers, Schools & Churches in Oklahoma.

Every year about 150,000 injuries occur on public playgrounds such as parks, schools, child care centers and restaurants, according to the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC).

Of these playground injuries, nearly 70 percent are related to falls to the surface. Recent studies have also found that about 80 percent of playgrounds have unsuitable surfaces. Thus, a recent focus by DHS to improve the safety of Oklahoma Play Zones has prompted a high demand for Impact Resistant Playground Material.

What is the most economical solution for Playgrounds?

While there is no perfect solution for fall surfaces, safety experts recommend the use of loose fill material or synthetic surface materials. Synthetic surfaces,  rubber tiles or rubber mulch, can cost over 10x the amount of a loose fill material like Hardwood Mulch. Our Premium Hardwood Mulch meets the American Society for Testing & Materials (ATSM) standards,  CPSC guidelines and is proven to be an economical and long lasting solution in the Oklahoma Climate.

How much Playground Mulch does Oklahoma DHS require for a public play area?

Depending on the height of equipment, DHS will require between 6 to 12 inches of loose fill material. For equipment 4 feet tall, a 6 inch base is required, and up to 12 inches is required for areas with playground equipment 8 feet in height.

Where is Playground Mulch required?

Playground Mulch should be placed in all playground fall zones, under and around playground equipment where children many fall. In general DHS likes a minimum of 6 feet from the edge in all directions around the playground equipment. This calculation may vary due to the possible momentum of children playing on swings & slides. The area of fall material for slides is 4 feet more than the height of the slide. For example, a 6′ slide will require 10′ of surface material beyond the exit of the slide. the maximum amount fall surfacing required at the end of any slide is 14′. Fall zones for swings is twice the height of the hanger, so a 10′ tall swing needs 20′ of fall zone material in front & back. Surfacing should also extend 6′ on each side.

For more information on Playground Mulch call Metro Materials at 405-243-DIRT (3478) or place your mulch order ONLINE 24 hours a day! Delivery area includes Norman OK, Moore OK, OKC, Oklahoma City, Edmond, Noble, Little Axe, Blanchard, Newcastle, Midwest City, Edmond. Our IPEMA Certified Impact Resistant Mulch is used from Dallas Texas to Tulsa Oklahoma!










Child Care Center Mulch in Oklahoma

Looking for Quality Mulch for a Child Care Center or Playground?


Metro Materials provides IPEMA Certified Playground Mulch to child care centers, daycares, churches, schools, & municipalities throughout central Oklahoma, from Norman to Tulsa. Our Premium Hardwood is the most economical solution for an impact resistant play surface & is guaranteed to meet all DHS standards & requirements. For more information on Playzone Material or Landscaping Hardwood call us at 405-243-DIRT (3478). All Materials are delivered in Oklahoma`s only clean energy CNG dump truck. Delivery area includes Norman, Moore, OKC, Oklahoma City, Midwest City, del City, Edmond, Newcastle, Blanchard, Noble.

Buy Child Care Center Mulch in bulk & save! We deliver Playground Material in 2yd, 5yd, & 10yd loads!

Daycare Mulch

Daycare & Playground Mulch delivered in Oklahoma

Rubber Mulch–Not Suitable for Playgrounds

Rubber Mulch – Not Suitable for Playgrounds or Play Areas

Metro Materials prides itself in being a Green Landscape Supply Company, so naturally we are always looking for ways to offer our customers products that reflect this initiative. We offer Recycled Concrete & Asphalt Gravel, sell Premium Hardwood Mulches produced from local recycled wood, and deliver all of our materials in the Oklahoma City Metros only CNG delivery truck. Continue reading

Playground Mulch for Child Care Centers in OKC

Premium Hardwood Mulch is the most economical solution for Playground fall material in Oklahoma.

Many Oklahoma schools from Norman to Tulsa are facing tighter budgets and every dollar counts. This is why many schools, churches and daycares are using our IPEMA Certified Impact Resistant Playground Mulch as a Playzone cover. This hardwood mulch is made from premium wood and cleaned to remove any dust or dirt that may accumulate during production. Continue reading

Metro Materials teams with Mr. Mulch OKC

We are always looking for better ways to serve our customers, so deciding to offer Mr. Mulch brand mulches was easy.

Metro Materials is the exclusive provider of Mr. Mulch Premium Hardwood Mulches in the Oklahoma City Metro Area and we are excited to offer this new line of products to our customers. Continue reading