Hubbard Elementary Playground

Noble Public Schools refresh their playzone areas with 3/8″ River Rock.

Metro Materials provides 3 different options for an Impact Resistant Play area surface, all approved by OKDHS. 3/8″ River Rock, also referred to as “Pea Gravel” is great where water retention may be an issue. This material is heavy, durable, and stays in place. If stones are not ideal for your area we also provide Washed Sand and Hardwood Mulch.

Washed Sand is very popular as an economic ground cover and is commonly used in Playgrounds, Volleyball Courts, and for lawn leveling. This material is screened and washed to remove impurities. This process leaves a soft sand, free of clay and clotting materials.

Our most commonly used Playground Material is the IPEMA Certified Hardwood Playground Mulch.

This material is produced with virgin woods, free of any dyes, glues and laminates, and is screened to remove the dust and debris. This process leaves a soft edged mulch perfect for play areas.

For these playground materials along with Topsoil, Grading Dirt, Red Select, Masonry Sand, Driveway Gravel, Recycled Gravel, and Decorative Stone visit us 24/7 at or call our office Monday – Friday at 405-243-DIRT (3478) Monday through Friday.

Delivery area includes Edmond, Spencer, Midwest City, Del City, Oklahoma City, Moore, Norman, Tuttle, Newcastle, Blanchard, Noble, Little Axe

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Prefer to do it yourself? Metro Materials can help. We provide Premium Landscaping Supplies in the OKC Metro Area.

Metro has grown to be the Most Reviewed Landscape Supplier in Oklahoma ans the Positive feedback keeps coming in! Thank You! IN addition to Landscaping & Garden Supplies, we also deliver Driveway Gravel and building quality soils and sand. Call Metro Materials at 405-243-DIRT (3478) Monday through Friday or visit us online where you find product pictures, pricing, and delivery information.

Get Playground Mulch in Oklahoma City, Moore, Norman.

Child Play areas require an adequate fall area under play sets, swings, and anything a child can fall from. Metro Materials provides an IPEMA Certified playground fall material. This Hardwood Mulch is popular in Playgrounds, Schools, Churches, & Child Centers.

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Get Hardwood Mulch, Decorative Stone, & Soil delivered to your front door.

Rubber Mulch is NOT Safe for Playgrounds in OKC

Recent concerns have risen about the safety of Rubber Mulch being used in Playgrounds across America.

Originally Rubber Mulch was seen as great was to recycle used tires and ease the strain of disposing old rubber. However, until recently Consumer Safety regulations did not closely follow Children’s Play Areas. Now gone are the days of rust old bars and jungle gyms and in comes the modern safety equipment. With these new standards the best types of fall zone material has also been under the microscope. While the initial desire for Rubber Mulch was understandable, some of the side affects are concerning. Children’s hands and clothes will often be stained black after playing in rubber and they have to be monitored closely to assure they so not put the crumb rubber in their mouths. According to the EPA, benzene, mercury, styrene-butadiene, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, and arsenic, among several other chemicals, heavy metals and carcinogens have been found in tires. Studies have found that crumb rubber can emit gases that can be inhaled. When the material gets hot, it can increase the chances that volatile organic compounds, or VOCs, and chemicals can “off-gas,” or leach into the air.


Rubber Mulch raises Safety Concerns

“Children go to playgrounds almost daily. That sort of cumulative exposure results in a buildup in their body of these toxic chemicals, and can result in a buildup of cellular damage that’s caused by these chemicals, that can then result in disease years or decades later. Little children should not be put in a situation where they’re forced to be in intimate contact with carcinogenic chemicals,”
Dr. Philip Landrigan, dean of global health at New York’s Mt. Sinai Hospital and a top expert on the effect of chemicals on children.

For Safe Playground Mulch delivered in Oklahoma City, Moore & Norman call Metro Materials at 405-243-DIRT. Our Premium Hardwood Mulch is OKDHS Approved and IPEMA Certified.

405.243.DIRT / Playground Mulch in OKC

Our Premium Hardwood Mulch is ASTM & IPEMA Certified as an Impact Resistant DHS approved Playground Surfacing Material .

Metro Materials provides this playzone mulch to child care centers, schools & churches throughout central Oklahoma, from Norman to Tulsa. For more information on this product or to schedule a delivery call 405-243-DIRT (3478) or Order ONLINE.

Delivery area for Playground Fall Zone Material includes Norman, Edmond, Moore, OKC, & Midwest City.

Check our Delivery map page for accurate pricing of Playground Mulch to your address.

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Metro Materials is a Stone & Landscape Supply Company in Norman Oklahoma. Features like upfront pricing, dependable delivery scheduling and a ONLINE Ordering has helped propel us into one of OKC`s leading Gravel, Soil & Mulch Suppliers. Our products range from decorative ground coverings to Soils, Sand & Playground Mulch. From Norman to Tulsa Oklahoma, Metro Materials delivers the best materials available.

Use Decorative River Rocks as a Landscape Ground Covering.

The soft edged stones are great for any landscape design and provide a long lasting ground cover. Stones stay in place well under harsh Oklahoma weather & wont float or wash away. These decorative river rocks come in a variety of sizes and are also used in fish tanks, walking areas, and flower beds.

IPEMA Certified OKDHS approved Playground Mulch in Oklahoma City

Our premium hardwood Play Zone mulch is the most economical DHS approved ground covering available. This Impact Resistant Ground Covering is IPEMA Certified and used throughout Oklahoma Child Care Centers.

For more information on Driveway Gravel, Topsoil, or Playground Mulch in Oklahoma call Metro at 405-243-DIRT (3478).

Delivery area includes Norman, Moore, OKC, Oklahoma City, Edmond, Midwest City, Del City, Little Axe, Newcastle, Blanchard, Noble, Oklahoma County, Cleveland County, 73020, 73026, 73068, 73069, 73070, 73071, 73072

Playground Mulch requirements in Oklahoma

Impact Resistant Playground Mulch for Child Care Centers, Schools & Churches in Oklahoma.

Every year about 150,000 injuries occur on public playgrounds such as parks, schools, child care centers and restaurants, according to the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC).

Of these playground injuries, nearly 70 percent are related to falls to the surface. Recent studies have also found that about 80 percent of playgrounds have unsuitable surfaces. Thus, a recent focus by DHS to improve the safety of Oklahoma Play Zones has prompted a high demand for Impact Resistant Playground Material.

What is the most economical solution for Playgrounds?

While there is no perfect solution for fall surfaces, safety experts recommend the use of loose fill material or synthetic surface materials. Synthetic surfaces,  rubber tiles or rubber mulch, can cost over 10x the amount of a loose fill material like Hardwood Mulch. Our Premium Hardwood Mulch meets the American Society for Testing & Materials (ATSM) standards,  CPSC guidelines and is proven to be an economical and long lasting solution in the Oklahoma Climate.

How much Playground Mulch does Oklahoma DHS require for a public play area?

Depending on the height of equipment, DHS will require between 6 to 12 inches of loose fill material. For equipment 4 feet tall, a 6 inch base is required, and up to 12 inches is required for areas with playground equipment 8 feet in height.

Where is Playground Mulch required?

Playground Mulch should be placed in all playground fall zones, under and around playground equipment where children many fall. In general DHS likes a minimum of 6 feet from the edge in all directions around the playground equipment. This calculation may vary due to the possible momentum of children playing on swings & slides. The area of fall material for slides is 4 feet more than the height of the slide. For example, a 6′ slide will require 10′ of surface material beyond the exit of the slide. the maximum amount fall surfacing required at the end of any slide is 14′. Fall zones for swings is twice the height of the hanger, so a 10′ tall swing needs 20′ of fall zone material in front & back. Surfacing should also extend 6′ on each side.

For more information on Playground Mulch call Metro Materials at 405-243-DIRT (3478) or place your mulch order ONLINE 24 hours a day! Delivery area includes Norman OK, Moore OK, OKC, Oklahoma City, Edmond, Noble, Little Axe, Blanchard, Newcastle, Midwest City, Edmond. Our IPEMA Certified Impact Resistant Mulch is used from Dallas Texas to Tulsa Oklahoma!










Child Care Center Mulch in Oklahoma

Looking for Quality Mulch for a Child Care Center or Playground?


Metro Materials provides IPEMA Certified Playground Mulch to child care centers, daycares, churches, schools, & municipalities throughout central Oklahoma, from Norman to Tulsa. Our Premium Hardwood is the most economical solution for an impact resistant play surface & is guaranteed to meet all DHS standards & requirements. For more information on Playzone Material or Landscaping Hardwood call us at 405-243-DIRT (3478). All Materials are delivered in Oklahoma`s only clean energy CNG dump truck. Delivery area includes Norman, Moore, OKC, Oklahoma City, Midwest City, del City, Edmond, Newcastle, Blanchard, Noble.

Buy Child Care Center Mulch in bulk & save! We deliver Playground Material in 2yd, 5yd, & 10yd loads!

Daycare Mulch

Daycare & Playground Mulch delivered in Oklahoma

Order Mulch ONLINE in Oklahoma City

Order Mulch ONLINE in Oklahoma City


Our IPEMA Certified Playground Material is available in 2, 5, or 10 cubic yard dump truck loads. Order online or call us at 405-243-DIRT for Stone, Topsoil, Sand, & Gravel in OKC, Norman, & Moore.

Call Metro Materials today & get Premium Hardwood Play zone material delivered tomorrow! Our Premium Hardwood Mulch is OKDHS approved & used in child care centers from Norman to Tulsa Oklahoma.

Playground Mulch in Oklahoma City

IPEMA Certified Playground Mulch in OKC, Moore, Norman

Playground Mulch delivery to SW Covenant School in Yukon

Playground Mulch delivery to SW Covenant School in Yukon


Metro Materials has a wide delivery range covering the Metro Area. We have delivered our IPEMA Certified Playground Mulch to Edmond, Guthrie, Yukon, Oklahoma City, Newcastle, Goldsby , & Norman. This Premium Hardwood Material is popular due to its economical pricing & safety & is used in child care centers from Dallas Texas to Tulsa Oklahoma. For more information on this product or any of our other materials call us at 405-243-DIRT (3478). our materials include Driveway Gravel, Topsoil, Landscape Mulch, Garden Soil Rich Mix, Decorative Stone, & a variety of stone screenings.

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Playground Mulch delivered in Yukon, OK

Metro Materials delivers Playground Mulch in the Oklahoma City Metro Area

Playground Mulch selling Fast in Norman

Playground Mulch selling Fast in Norman, Oklahoma City


School season is just around the corner and we are selling more IPEMA Certified Impact Resistant Playground Mulch than any year before! Reliability in both service and quality has helped Metro Materials become the Most Reviewed Landscape Supply Company in the OKC Metro Area. Check us out on Angies List, Google+,, and at For more information please call us at 405-243-DIRT (3478). We deliver Topsoil, Dirt, Driveway Gravel, Stone, & Mulch in 2 yard, 5 yard, and 10 yard loads. Our delivery area includes Norman, Moore, Noble, Blanchard, Newcastle, Midwest City, Edmond, Cleveland County, Oklahoma County, 73020, 73026, 73068, 73069, 73070, 73071, 73072

Bulk Hardwood Playground Mulch is the most economical ground cover solution for child care centers, schools, & churches from Norman to Tulsa Oklahoma. This is a DHS approved fall zone material.

Playground Mulch in OKC, Norman

Call Metro Materials at 405-243-DIRT (3478). We deliver Mulch, Topsoil, & Gravel in the Oklahoma City Metro Area.