During winter months Oklahoma weather can change in an instant and being prepared is a must. Keep informed of weather reports in your area and if snow or ice is predicted, make plans to leave earlier or arrive later. Make plans to travel during the day time hours. Not only is visibility better, but if your vehicle is stalled you are more likely to receive prompt assistance during the daytime.

Use this checklist to prepare for winter driving:

  1. Check your windshield and wiper blades to assure they are working properly and cleared from any ice or snow.
  2. Make sure your fluids are at proper levels. Especially the anti-freeze.
  3. Check your tire level. Proper inflation is important for gripping because the tread will not meet the road surface as designed if under inflated.
  4. Consider investing in snow tires if you live in a rural area. Snow tires are made of softer components and have unique tread design that provide better traction and road gripping abilities.
  5. Keep the gas tank at least half full. Not only does the extra volume help reduce moisture problems within the fuel system, it also adds helpful weight to the vehicle
  6. Add extra weight to rear wheel vehicles. Bags of sand are great for helping increase traction.

Keep your vehicle stocked with simple emergency equipment in case you do get stalled or have an accident. Consider these items; blanket with extra clothes, candle with matches, snacks & beverages, flares, cellular phone, small shovel, flashlight, windshield scraper, tow rope, bags of sand or kitty litter, & long jumper cables.

After the storm passes and the mess is left to deal with, let Metro Materials help get things back to normal. Freezing rain and snow can cause a gravel driveway to deteriorate in a matter of days. We offer different gravel for every need, from crusher run for the base, or #57 stone, chips or screenings for a finish material. If you are looking for something other than standard limestone gravel, we offer Rhyolite and Decomposed Granite Screenings. For more information on any of these stone, gravel or rock products, call us at 405-243-DIRT Monday through Friday. We also offer premium hardwood mulches including IPEMA Certified Playground Mulch, Red Mulch, Black Mulch, Brown Mulch, Cedar Mulch, Topsoil, Dirt, Garden Soil, and Rich Mix.