Spring in Oklahoma

Spring time is near, and in Oklahoma you never know what that will bring. Last year was the 2nd wettest year on record and the cold and wet winter weather has caused driveways across the Oklahoma City Metro area to crumble under the harsh conditions. Metro Materials offers up front, no surprise pricing on all of our driveway gravel and stone to all our customers.

Everyone gets the same price for the same product, contractor or homeowner. Up front pricing, along with material pictures and delivery information is why our customers are always happy with our service. You get what order, no surprises.

If driveway repair is needed, our Crusher Run gravel is an industry favorite.

This crushed limestone is commonly used on driveways, rural roads and parking areas. This gravel is a limestone mixed in a matrix of fine chat to hold the stones in place, causing excellent packing capabilities. If you are just looking for a driveway topping stone, consider our #57 stone or 3/8 chips. Both of these stones are a clean, chat free stone commonly used to top off an existing parking area or driveway. With warmer weather upon us, many Okies will be ready to get outside and get their hands in the dirt.

We carry a wide variety of soils, decorative stones and mulches.

Start you project with Metro Materials exclusive Rich Mix Garden Soil. This enriched blend of topsoil, forest compost and sand is a must for any gardener wanting the best results possible. Yard leveling and sod preparation is made easy with fresh layer of topsoil. We only offer the finest top soil available. Once the yard and planting soils are in place, move on to ground covering choices. Rather you prefer stones or hardwood mulches, we have you covered. River Rocks are available in four sizes, 3/8”, 5/8”, 1 ½”, and 2 ½”. These stones are preferred in high traffic areas.

Metro Materials is pleased to announce we are the local supplier for Mr. Mulch brand mulches.

Our catalog includes colored mulches, Red, Black and Brown. As well Blue Chip Mulch, a water retention, high volume mulch.

Mr. Mulch is also the Oklahoma City Metro Areas provider of IPEMA Certified Playground Mulch.

This is the most economical Playzone covering available and comes with Certification required by DHS for impact resistance. We offer all of these products, along with many more in five or ten cubic yard dump truck loads. Our delivery area includes Oklahoma City, Moore, Mid-West City, Del City, Newcastle, Blanchard, Noble, Little Axe, Norman and Edmond. Call us Monday thru Friday at 405-243-DIRT (3478) or order ONLINE!