Driveway Gravel – Best Seller in OKC

While we offer many solutions for driveways & walkways, year in & year out Crusher Run Driveway Gravel is the Stone of choice for Oklahoma Homeowners.


Crusher Run is a Limestone crushed and graded by screens to a uniformed size. The most common size gravel is 1 1/2″ & these stones are mixed with a limestone chat to create a tight base for packing. In addition to Crusher Run Gravel, Metro Materials also offers Limestone & Rhyolite Screenings, Recycled Concrete Gravel & Recycled Asphalt Gravel, Irrigation Stone & Decorative River Rock Stones.

For more information on Driveway Gravel in Oklahoma City, call Metro Materials at 405-243-DIRT (3478) or visit us at and ORDER ONLINE! Delivery area includes Norman, Moore, Edmond, Noble, Midwest City, Noble, Blanchard, Newcastle.

Driveway Gravel - Best Seller in OKC

Crusher Run Gravel is the best selling stone among Oklahoma homeowners.

Buy Gravel in Oklahoma City

Many Oklahoma Homeowners have Gravel Driveways and with the unpredictable weather we are prone to maintenance of these driveways can get expensive and time consuming.

Metro Materials delivers a full line of Gravels throughout the Oklahoma City Metro Area. If heavy washout is an issue or you need to establish a driveway, our Crusher Run Driveway Gravel is a great product. Continue reading

Gravel Driveway Maintenance Tips

Gravel Driveway Maintenance Tips.

While using Gravel as a ground covering is much more affordable than concrete or asphalt, it does require periodical maintenance. Metro Materials offers gravels to help maintain your driveway for years to come, from crusher run for a base to #57 stone for a topping gravel. Gravel driveways can be seen all over the United States. Continue reading

Using Stone on a Driveway or Parking Area

Has high traffic and bad weather left your gravel driveway in disrepair? Intense Oklahoma rains can washout a driveway in a matter of minutes.

If you already have a good base consider using our 1 ½” Clean Gravel (#57 chipped stone) as a driveway topping stone. This product is just stone, no chat so it’s perfect if you need to increase your stone content. Continue reading

Rhyolite Stone now available in Oklahoma

If you are looking for different types of gravel for your driveway than the standard limestone crusher run found on most rural roads in Oklahoma, Metro Materials can help. We have recently added many new products, including Rhyolite Stone, previously not offered to homeowners in the Oklahoma City Metro Area.

Continue reading

Gravel: The multi-purpose ground covering

Gravel: The multi-purpose ground covering

Imagine that you’re speeding down the freeway. The windows are rolled down and  gusts of wind are blowing gracefully through your hair. But you’re not on this high-speed drive for fun. You’re out to catch the villains. The bad guys. You’ve been unlucky in the past, but today is different. Continue reading