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A high quality soil is crucial to vegetation just as a high quality gravel is crucial to a long lasting driveway.

Homeowners have many options for Driveway Covers, but only Metro Materials offers up front pricing, accurate product pictures, and helpful descriptions of every Top Soil, Garden Soil, Driveway Gravel, Decorative Stone, and Hardwood Mulch that we sell. Metro has a long list of satisfied customers, just check out our Google+,, & Angies List Reviews and follow us on facebook to keep up with current projects and specials.

Going into fall in OKC our fastest selling aggregate is 1 1/2″ Crusher Run Driveway Gravel.

This limestone gravel is a matrix of 1 1/2″ stones and chat, creating a tight bond that packs down well and helps prevent washout. Metro Materials delivers in 2yd, 5yd, & 10yd loads throughout central OKC. Our delivery area includes Norman, OKC, Oklahoma City, Moore, Midwest City, Edmond, Blanchard, Newcastle. For Gravel in Norman OK call 405-243-DIRT. For Gravel in Oklahoma City call 405-243-DIRT.

Metro is the OKC Metros Exclusive Supplier of Mr. Mulch Hardwood Mulches. These Premium Hardwoods include Red, Black, & Brown Dyed Mulch, Cedar Mulch, and IPEMA Certified Impact resistant Playground Mulch. For more information on Topsoil in Oklahoma City, Topsoil in Norman Ok, or Mulch visit us at

Driveway Gravel

Metro Materials delivers Gravel, Topsoil, & Mulch in OKC, Norman, Moore.

Heavy Rains Wash Out Gravel Driveways in OKC, Norman, Moore

Heavy Rains Wash Out Gravel Driveways in OKC

The Metro has seen some serious rain and driveways are being washed out throughout Norman and Oklahoma City. Every driveway is different and Metro Materials offers multiple options for every application, from deep washouts to finishing stone for walkways and paths. All Gravel and Stone is sold in 2, 5 or 10 cubic yard loads and delivered from Edmond to Norman. All materials are listed with multiple pictures and upfront pricing on our website Here you will also find a material calculator, delivery map and detailed descriptions of every product. For delivery in Norman, Moore, and OKC call Metro Materials at 405-243-DIRT.

1 1/2 Crusher Run Driveway Gravel Popular with homeowners.

Even though we do offer cheaper gravels, many homeowners opt to spend the extra money and purchase “virgin” driveway gravel. This is the highest quality gravel and has a chat base that creates a strong and sturdy base. Once this material is laid in place and given time to compact it creates a long lasting surface at a fraction of the cost of Asphalt or concrete.

For more information on Gravel, Stone, Mulch, Playground Mulch, Soil, Garden Rich Mix, Topsoil, and Dirt call our office at 405-243-DIRT Monday – Friday. Topsoil & Gravel Delivery area includes Norman, Moore, Midwest City, Oklahoma City, Newcastle, Blanchard, Edmond.

Stone and Gravel in Norman Oklahoma City

Metro Materials delivers Driveway Gravel in Norman, Moore.

Order Gravel ONLINE in Oklahoma City with Metro Materials

Order Gravel ONLINE in Oklahoma City with Metro Materials


ONLINE Ordering now available!
Metro Materials offers a variety of Stone & Rock products. In addition to standard Limestone Driveway Gravel & Screenings, we also carry Rhyolite Screenings & decorative River Rock Stones. These Materials along with Topsoil, Garden Soil Rich Mix, Sand, Mulch, & Playground Mulch area available in 2, 5, & 10 cubic yard dump truck loads throughout the OKC Metro area. Delivery area includes Norman, Moore, Midwest City, Edmond, Oklahoma City.

Order Driveway Gravel today and have it delivered tomorrow!

Gravel & Screenings in Oklahoma City

Metro Materials delivers Screenings, Stone, Gravel, Topsoil, Mulch, & Playground Mulch.

Topsoil & Gravel delivered in OKC

Metro Materials is OKC`s “A” Rated Driveway Gravel & Soil Provider.

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We deliver Driveway Rock, Topsoil, Garden Soil Rich Mix, Sand, Playground Mulch, & Landscaping Mulch in the Oklahoma City Metro Area. Ordering is fast & easy & we deliver the next day! Delivery area includes Norman, Moore, OKC, Midwest City, Edmond.


Place your order today and get driveway gravel delivered tomorrow!

Topsoil delivered in Norman OK

Metro Materials is OKC`s “A” Rated Top Soil provider. We deliver in 2, 5, & 10 cubic yard loads

Playground Mulch in Oklahoma City

IPEMA Certified Playground Playzone Mulch in OKC, Moore, & Norman

Masonry Sand in Oklahoma City

Mason Sand delivered in OKC, Moore, & Norman

Recycled Asphalt Gravel in Oklahoma City

Recycled Asphalt Gravel delivered in OKC, Norman, & Moore.

Gravel Norman OK

Gravel Norman OK


As of 2006, the United States has been the leading producer & consumer of gravel & aggregate products in the world. Our infrastructure is composed primarily of gravel roads. In Fact, only a small percentage of Americas roads are actually solid surface. This is why Metro Materials is proud to be the MOST REVIEWED  Bulk Gravel, Topsoil, & Mulch Provider in the Oklahoma City Metro Area. We deliver a variety of Driveway materials in Oklahoma. From Larger Stone for road base & water washout, Crusher Run for rural drives & roads, & finish Screenings & Chip Stone for finishing you will find them all at All of our materials are listed with up front pricing, multiple pictures, an interactive calculator for project dimensions, & a delivery map so you know exactly the cost of the material delivered to your address.

For more information on Driveway Gravel, Stone, Rock, Topsoil, or Mulch call us at 405-243-DIRT (3478).

Our delivery area includes OKC, Oklahoma City, Moore, Norman, Noble, Edmond, Little Axe, Blanchard, Newcastle, Edmond, Cleveland County, Oklahoma County, 73070, 73071, 73072, 73068, 73069, 73020, 73026

Gravel Delivery OKC

Call Metro Materials @ 405-243-DIRT (3478) for the best Gravel, Topsoil, & Mulch Available in OKC, Norman, Moore

Call Metro Materials @ 405-243-DIRT (3478)

Topsoil, Gravel, & Mulch in OKC, Moore, & Norman

Use Stone and Gravel as a Natural Defense against Wildfires.

Use Stone and Gravel as a Natural Defense against Wildfires in Oklahoma.

Oklahoma is no stranger to wildfires, our large fields and high winds spawn and fuel fires every year. One of the easiest things a homeowner can do to protect themselves from potential fires is to install a firebreak. A Firebreak is simply creating an area around your structure covered with Stone instead of vegetation. Continue reading