Oklahoma Sand Volleyball Courts

Washed Sand for Play Areas, Sand Boxes, & Volleyball Courts. Call Metro Materials at 405-243-DIRT for next day delivery in OKC, Moore, & Norman.

The sand required for play areas or volleyball courts is much cleaner than a standard fill sand. To create a material free of clay & roots, the sand must be washed to remove any impurities. This material is slightly more expensive than a fill material, but the quality is far superior. Metro Materials supplies materials to many of the schools, churches , & universities in the area and we offer next day delivery in Norman, Moore, & OKC.

What are Volleyball Court Dimensions?

A standard Sand Volleyball Court is 60 feet x 30 feet, and most regulations require a sand depth of at least 12″. If you are not needing regulation depth, an average of 8 to 10 inches should be sufficient in most applications.

How much sand is needed for a volleyball court?

By regulation dimensions & depth it will require just over 66 cubic yards of sand to create a new volleyball court. A full size dump truck load is 10 cubic yards, so it would require approximately 7 loads to ensure the 12″ depth. We recommend at least six 10 yard loads, 3 on each side of the court for personal usage. With wind erosion & the sand being tracked away from use, expect to supply at least one load of sand annually to maintain depth.

For more information on Volleyball Court Sand in Oklahoma, call Metro Metro Materials at 405-243-DIRT