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Grading and Fill Dirt delivered throughout OKC, Norman, Moore.

Soil comes in a surprising large variety of textures & colors, so choosing a reputable Soil Provider is key to assuring the success of your project. Metro Materials offers a range of soils from Fill & grading Dirt, all the way to Premium Screened Topsoil & Rick Mix. For common filling issues we usually recommend our Fill/Grading Dirt Soil. For a sturdier soil for foundations & building pads our Red Select Soil is perfect. Need a premium planting soil? No problem. Our Rich Mix Garden Soil is a top of the line product and one of our best sellers every spring.

Depending on the application, both washed and non-spec sand can be used for leveling yards, swimming pools, volleyball courts & in children’s sand boxes.

Don`t want to buy sand by the bag? We don’t blame you! So have it delivered. Metro Materials delivers in 3 different load sizes, 2 cubic yards, 5 cubic yards, & 10 cubic yard loads. So no matter how big or small your project you can get not only the right material, but just as importantly the right amount of material. Visit us online at for product pics, pricing, & delivery information. You can also call our office Monday – Friday at 405-343-DIRT (3478).

Topsoil, Masonry Sand, Driveway Gravel, Mulch, Stone

Soil, Dirt, Sand, & Gravel in Oklahoma City, Moore, Norman, Noble.

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Premium Screened Topsoil in Oklahoma

Metro Materials is Oklahoma’s “A” Rated Supplier of Topsoil, Sand, Driveway Gravel, & Hardwood Mulch.


We provide a consistently high quality product matched with professional service. We only focus on homeowners and small contractors, this way we can ensure all our customers get the same premium products with the best service possible. We know our customers are looking for the best deal possible, so check out our website for product pictures, upfront pricing, and delivery information. With Metro there are no surprises, you get what you order when you need it. Period. So check out our Google &, & Angies List Reviews. For more information please call us at 405-243-DIRT (3478).

Metro Materials delivers Topsoil, Garden Soil, Driveway Gravel, Decorative Landscape Rock, Washed & Masonry Sand, and Premium Hardwood Mulch.

Including Cedar Mulch, Red Mulch, Black Mulch, Brown Mulch, & IPEMA Certified Impact Resistant Playground Mulch. Our Delivery area includes OKC, Oklahoma City, Moore, Edmond, Norman, Blanchard, Newcastle, Noble, Midwest City, Cleveland County, Oklahoma County, 73068, 73069, 73070, 73071, 73072, 73020, 73026

Metro Materials delivers Premium Top Soil in Oklahoma City, Norman, & Moore

Buy Quality Topsoil, NOT Construction Dirt

Topsoil Delivery in OKC, Moore, & Norman

Get the best topsoil in Norman, Moore, OKC from Metro Materials.

Are you surprised to learn there is a difference in the quality of soil used in construction vs residential applications? Many construction & trucking companies sell a construction quality dirt and call it topsoil, because to them that’s what it is.


They are using large equipment to spread it out and as long as it is a “clean” dirt (meaning not a bunch of concrete & trash) this is what they label “Topsoil”. Metro Materials is not a construction company and we do not sell dirt hauled from construction jobs and try to pass it off as something its not. Our Soil is fresh off the fields, graded & sold as the cleanest pure brown soil we can get our hands on. We have multiple pictures and pricing always available on our website and Facebook page With Metro, there are no surprises. For more information on us visit our Google, Angies List & pages and read some of our customer reviews. We are also a long time member of the Norman Chamber of Commerce and have provided our materials to many of the projects going on in our community. Dependability & Quality every time has resulted in making us the Metros “A” Rated Bulk Landscape Supply Company.

Call us Monday – Friday at 405-243-DIRT for more information on any of our products including Top Soil, Garden Soil Rich Mix, Driveway Gravel, Stone, Rock, Garden Mulch, Colored Mulch Cedar Mulch, & Playground Mulch.

All Materials are delivered in 2, 5, or 10 cubic yard loads in Oklahoma’s only CNG dump truck. Delivery area includes OKC, Oklahoma City, Norman, Moore, Noble, Little Axe, Blanchard, Newcastle, Midwest City, Del City, Edmond, Cleveland County, Oklahoma County, 73068, 73069, 73070, 73071, 73072, 73020, 73026

Driveway Gravel in Oklahoma

Metro Materials is the most reviewed landscape Supply company in OKC. Get the best Driveway Gravel from the most trusted supplier

Topsoil OKC

Metro Materials delivers High Quality Soil in

Great Results Start with Great Soil

Getting high quality Top Soil is critical to the long term success of your landscape, lawn, & garden. Metro Materials only sells the best Topsoil available.


Our Topsoil is guaranteed to be of the highest quality, and we even offer a Premium Screened Topsoil for applications where an even finer soil is needed. In addition to Top Soil, we deliver Garden Soil Rich Mix, Red Select, Fill Sand, Play Sand, Volleyball Sand, Washed Sand, Masonry Sand, River Rock, Driveway Gravel, Stone, & Mr. Mulch brand Mulches. These include Red, Black, Brown, Cedar Mulch, & IPEMA Certified Impact Resistant Playground Mulch.

We are not a construction company and do not rely on large jobs, this lets us focus on delivering the best bulk materials to Homeowners & Small Contractors. We primarily deliver to residential locations in the Oklahoma City Metro and surrounding areas.

For more information on call us today at 405-243-DIRT (3478). All Materials are delivered in OKC`s only CNG Bi-Fuel Dump Truck. Delivery area includes Norman, Moore, Edmond, Noble, Blanchard, Newcastle, Little Axe, Spencer, The Village, Midwest City, Oklahoma County, Cleveland County, 73020, 73026, 73068, 73069, 73071, 73072.

Metro Materials delivers Premium Soil in OKC

Great results start with a high quality soil