Topsoil & Rich Mix Selling Fast in OKC

Topsoil & Landscapers Planting Soil Selling Fast in Oklahoma City & Norman.

Every year we do our best to anticipate the need of garden soil and every year we have surpassed our expectations. This spring is already proving to be no different. Our Landscapers Planting Soil is a Rich Mix blend of forest compost, top soil, & Sand. Each one of these ingredients is crucial for the final product. While Top Soil and Sand may be readily available, we only have a limited amount of Compost available for each Spring, and once its gone we will not have anymore until the following Spring. This product is meant to be used as a bulk garden and landscaping soil & primary use is as a planting soil. The forest compost is aged and will contain small wood chunks and sticks. This decomposing element raises the nitrogen content making great for initiating growth. This product, along with other soils, gravels, & mulches are available in five and ten cubic yard dump truck loads in the Oklahoma City Metro Area. We offer a soil for every purpose. Garden Soil, Topsoil for leveling, filling holes, and laying sod, (This is our best brown soil), Grading Dirt for contractors or larger areas, and Red Select for pad building and raising areas. In addition to soil, we also deliver Driveway Gravel, Landscaping Stone, Rock, Coarse Stone, Septic Stone, Screenings, Rhyolite & Decomposed Gold Granite Screenings.

Metro Materials has been a trusted supplier of Soil, Sand, & Gravel in Norman for over 5 years, and we are pleased that we have recently been able to expand or material list to include Premium Hardwood Mulches.

Our IPEMA Certified Impact Resistant Playground Mulch is DHS certified and used in schools, churches, and daycares throughout Oklahoma City, Moore, Edmond, Norman, and surrounding areas. This product is a safe and affordable alternative to Rubber Mulch, which contains Lead. For Landscaping purposes we sell Red Mulch, Black Mulch, Brown Mulch, Cedar Mulch, and Blue Chip Mulch for bulk purposes and water retention. For more information call us at 405-243-DIRT.

Metro Materials deliveres garden soil in Norman

10 yard load of Rich Mix Planting Soil Delivered in Oklahoma City, Norman, & Moore

Garden Soil Rich Mix delivered in Oklahoma City, Moore, Norman, & Edmond

Planting Soil in Oklahoma City & Norman

Forest Compost, Topsoil, & Sand blended to create a plant ready soil rich in nutrients