Topsoil vs Rich Mix Garden Soil

Topsoil and Rich Mix are both excellent soils for initiating growth in Oklahoma climate, however both serve very different roles.

Metro Materials Garden Ready Rich Mix is a blend of top soil, forest compost and sand. This blend is designed to allow water permeation while delivering the maximum amount of nutrients to the plants. Oklahoma soil is commonly high in Iron, causing the “Red Dirt” we are known for. Red Dirt does not have a high nutrient content and can be difficult to grow in. Gardeners and Landscapers commonly turn to Rich Mix to offer the best chances at initiating growth. This soil is used in gardens, flower beds, landscaping and anywhere that a top quality potting soil is needed. While the Rich Mix is perfect for planting, the compost blend does not do well for laying or leveling a yard.

We recommend using Topsoil for spreading under sod, planting grass, filling holes or low spots around the house, and general leveling purpose.

This dark brown soil is easily worked and will help turf, grass, trees and plants thrive in any location. While we do not recommend using Rich Mix as a yard leveling soil, feel confident using top soil in your gardens or flower beds. For areas where a perfect loose soil is required our Screened Topsoil is the highest quality dirt available. This soil is ran through a screen to remove larger dirt clusters and is commonly used by Golf Courses, municipalities and parks. Both soils, Top soil and Rich Mix are the most commonly sold soils to landscapers and homeowners alike. Metro Materials offers these soils, along with driveway gravel, decorative stone, dirt, and Mr. Mulch brand mulches delivered in the Oklahoma City Metro Area. All products are sold in five or ten cubic yard dump truck loads. Metro Materials delivery area includes Norman, Moore, Newcastle, Blanchard, Noble, Mid-West City, Del City and Edmond. For more information on any of these products, or our IPEMA Certified Impact Resistant Playground Mulch call us at 405-243-3478 or find us online at Check our Google and YP page for customer testimonials. Member of the Norman Chamber of Commerce.