Using Stone on a Driveway or Parking Area

Has high traffic and bad weather left your gravel driveway in disrepair? Intense Oklahoma rains can washout a driveway in a matter of minutes.

If you already have a good base consider using our 1 ½” Clean Gravel (#57 chipped stone) as a driveway topping stone. This product is just stone, no chat so it’s perfect if you need to increase your stone content. This is a chipped stone with jagged edges allowing it to pack down and allowing water to seep through to the ground underneath. ASTM number 57 stone is large enough to allow drainage while providing support for concrete slabs or buildings. Uses include a finish stone for driveways, septic fields, bedding for large pipes, filter stone, dry wells, concrete slab bedding and residential drainage. We also provide a 3/8 chip stone. This product is primarily used as a topping stone in light traffic areas. 3/8 Chip stone is crushed limestone chips with jagged edges so the stones lay flat. Commonly used as a topping stone for driveways, parking areas, walking paths and as a building material aggregate.

If you are still undecided on which one of our products is right for you, see our website for pictures of all our products along with pricing and delivery information. Feel free to call with any questions Monday – Friday 8 to 4 at 405-243-DIRT (3478). Metro Materials offers deliveries in the Oklahoma City Metro Area including Moore, Norman, and as far south as Purcell, Noble, Blanchard & Newcastle and as far North as Edmond.

For Driveway Gravel & Stone in the OKC Metro Area, trust OKC`s “A” Rated Gravel, Topsoil & Mulch provider!